As a dessert lover, you enjoy anything that comes along with that and that is why you want to share your delicious recipes with the whole world and what better method could you have than having two treat trucks. Your job in this cooking game will be to manage those trucks and to make sure your customers get what they order and of course in a decent time. You prepare your food fresh and that will cost you some time, but if you have dexterity you will do just fine. Get ready for the first order in your donut truck and learn to use your given devices to make your life easier. As soon as a client comes along and place the order you will have a certain time to prepare it. Make sure you don't overcome that time because your client will leave no tips, or worst, your order won't be taken. Also, you will have a score to achieve per day and that will depend on you successful rate. While they are waiting for the donuts to fry and be decorated try to serve them a juicy or something that will keep them patient. Fulfill each order and once you are trained you can go to the ice cream truck using the same strategy and trying to please as many customers as you can. Learn to be fast and productive at the same time. You will also see that you will be pleased to see people leaving happy from your trucks and the most important, you will have a lot of fun and gaining new abilities.
Games Cooking new Girls Games Restaurant Cooking and come The most beautiful games currently located and really come a lot of fun and also entertaining game and come cooking games in a new and wonderful restaurant And to receive the customers of the restaurant and cook them the best food according to their desire and you complete the high speed important so as not to run away from the restaurant customers Girls Games C Cooking Games Cooking Games for Girls at the Restaurant Cooking Games In our kitchen you will feel like a true expert baker. Cook as fast as you can and prepare the best sweets to get appreciation from kids around the world. Enjoy our candy game!
Cook delicious meals and desserts from around the world in this addictive free time management game! With a choice of 16 unique venues, ranging from desserts and fast food to an oyster bar and an oriental restaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in a variety of contexts and techniques. try new types of foods. Be a chef and use the food maker to cook different dishes in many free cooking games for kids. Make your best meal in this restaurant and help the customers on your stand. The fever begins at this carnival fair of street food, are you ready for that?
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