Right now, the objective is to collect all the items on the level (clouds/stars/buttons/hearts). You win when you have collected all of items. I am working on adding AI now, as well as animation, and multiple level selection (for testing purposes there is only one level available).

During the first time you are loading the level, android may tell you that the application has 'stopped responding', this is not the case, it just takes a while to download the level and assets from the internet, so please press 'wait' and the level should load.

this game is still in an Alpha-stage of development, I will be launching a full Beta game soon, so please check back soon. Right now it only loads the sample level I created to show the different objects I added to it, and the basic gameplay. To move swipe down and hold (activate jump jets). Move left to right once you are in the air by tilting your device left and right.

I still need to implement enemies and item collection, so at the moment you can just make a level on the website, and then play that level you have made after you load it.

***on some devices (galaxy tablets) the X-Y accelerometer values are reversed, so the game isn't really playable, sorry -- bug fix soon hopefully***

**Future add-ons coming soon:**
-animated characters
-level chooser
-enemy movement and damage
-item collection