This is one of the horror-mas for Minecraft, continuing the series of “5 nights at Freddy’s” maps. Now you will again appear in this pizzeria, where during many years from time to time terrible murders have happened. Could you solve this case and avoid fate of the victims? Download our new map for Minecraft and test yourself!

In this creepy horror-map for Minecraft you will find yourself in the pizzeria, where for a long period of time happen terrible murders, and murderer hasn’t been found yet. There is a supposition, that killers are animatronics, playing in band on the scene, but no one can prove that. But you will try, because you decide to stay for a night in this pizzeria and find out, what happens here!

In this incredibly creepy and exciting map for Minecraft you will know more about Circus Baby – one of the animatronics. No matter, how far will you go during your investigation, remember, the murderer is here, and while you are looking for him, he is looking for you. Download our new map for Minecraft for free, call your friends and finally cover up the terrible secret of the pizzeria!

• You can download this map for Minecraft for free.
• In order to play with this map Minecraft Pocket Edition should be installed on your mobile device.
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