Chocolate Cookies Cake Maker This is a game of chocolate making chocolate cake cookies so this game is for everyone. Chocolate cookies are the best thing you can eat.
In this kitchen cooking cake cookies game we have a multiple recipes for you. You can choose what to bake: chocolate cake with sweets, donuts, sugar, hearts, cookies.
when the chocolate cake is ready and you have to let it cool down, the ants come and you have to try to get rid of them so that your chocolate cake keeps a beautiful decoration shape.
Most of the dishes you can also decorate with different toppings or toys.

Cooking in the kitchen is equipped with:
✔ You can choose from different dishes
✔ Bake and decorate your own donut cake
✔ decorate with your own candy cookies
✔ Bake and decorate your own birthday cake
✔ bake your wedding cake
✔ make a long drink summer cocktail in your kitchen
✔ Chop your favorite ingredients
✔ Easy to play for the children
✔ Must cook kitchen game for children to play

Chocolate Cake Maker - Girls Cook Games is a game of Top Girl games and one of the cooking cake games. We publish many different easy to play girl cooking games apps. We hope that you will enjoy our cookies cooking in the kitchen and we hope that you will give us the love by keeping it.