Welcome to the chef cooking mad! Not only a time manager game but also a frenzy fast food restaurant adventure in which you are the manager and must have all your costumers satisfied! Remember: the happy client leaves good tips for the waitress!

In this time management game you will be a fast food restaurant manager and a chef cooking like a mad for your costumers. Start receiving your clients at the desk and prepare the orders for them. Upgrade your restaurant as you progress through the levels and test your skill to manage the restaurant and have more and more clients in every level! Did you know it is called fast food for a reason? Get ready to cook hamburguers and hot-dogs in this amazing kitchen! Clients are not always very patient, so move fast attending their requests!

The game will become more and more difficult as you progress so you have to take care not to loose your costumers in the restaurant if you want to become the chef cooking mad! Collect all the money from the counter and buy upgrades to have the more effective fast food restaurant!

Come to this awesome fast food restaurant and discover the fun of being a manager!:
- Lots of chef animations and high quality graphics!
- Many levels to explore in this fast food restaurant!
- Simple and intuitive chef cooking gameplay with instructions in every stage!
- A complete time management and cooking game and a whole restaurant for you!
- Many upgrades, fast food recipes, kitchen chef utensils and more surprises are waiting for you!

Open the doors of this fast food restaurant and become the manager of your own business! The kitchen is ready to cook all required hamburgers and hot-dogs! Are you ready for a frenzy fast food chef adventure? Become the chef cooking mad! Become the best fast food chef and restaurant manager here! Play now!