Carta beldia is the ultimate web portal featuring traditional maghrebi multiplayer card games, available on facebook and for mobiles.

Key features :
• A set of card games inspired by Moroccan culture and accessible from one single platform: Ronda, Kdoub, JbanTabak etc. ;
• Multilingual: Supporting French, English, Arabic, Moroccan and Tifinagh dialect
• Multiplayer: Up to 4 players per game ;
• Multiplatform: playable on Facebook, on the web Portal « » and on mobile phones;
• Customizable platform via multiples card and background themes, in-game chat & wizz ;
• 4 game modes: Solo, Survival, Versus and Multi;
• Leveling based on the scoring of the player;
• Ingame Achivement system ;
• Online ingame shop for various themes, wizz and powerups ;
• Global online ranking ;