card master is all about three card game,
(three types of game + knowledge about three card outcome).
1)>> 13 card combination game
In this you have to given 13 card (13*4=52).
you have to make 4 combination (each combination contain 3 card),
put these comb-- in correct order then start compare ,
in which comparison your card higher you get point.
point depends on card for 10,J,Q,K,A point 10 for each card ,
and for others point 5 for each.
2)>> 3 Patti casino game (flush)
Total four player (3 system + you) and each player given
3 card. you bet on your card according to card position
if you win you get coin.
3)>>card master also has a brain game
which test your mind speed
4)>>Match card (Memory Test)
-In this game your opponent is System, you select two card and if these are dual then
you got score.
5)>> knowledge (probability, rank) ,
-what is chance to get straight, flush ,
or Top with A, or trail ,
-what is rank of card , you can see everything.
AAA has highest rank 1.
2,3,5 top has least rank 740 etc.
6)>> Card Master another content like help, about.