Build-A-Monster is a monstrous version of the classic code-breaking game. Based on its simple mechanics, the game adds a layer of cute graphics to make it more ludic and designed for all family members to practice their logic skills.

This remake of the original game makes it easier to understand and to play it. Instead of just using analytical elements and focusing only in the logical practice, this version encourages experimentation and creativity.

How to Play Build-A-Monster?

Your goal is to figure out all the charateristics of the hidden monster following the tips the game will give you according to the combinations you create.

Start building a moster with a combination of body parts of your choice.

The green lights will sinalize to you the amount of correct parts and the yellow lights will sinalize the amount of correct colors applied on the wrong body parts.

Repeat the steps untill you break the code.

Use your logic skills to decrease the number of total rounds.

Easy share button to help you send your highscores to your friends.

How many levels are there?

The game has 3 different levels, what makes it a perfect choice for all ages.

* The EASY level is specially designed for kids. When you guess the correct part of the monster, you get a correct mark as a feedback.

* The MEDIUM level is basically the same as the original version. You have to guess the correct combination of 4 elements and its 6 possibilities.

* The HARD level follows the same rules as the medium, but makes it harder by adding 2 extra elements to the combination.

Do I need to pay anything to play this game?

The game is 100% free. The only in app purchase that we offer is to remove the ads - completly optional and it won't change the game progress.

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