A quick guide to creating WeChat on phone registration for newbies

Friday, 12/03/2021 09:44 AM

Signing up for WeChat is made easy with just a few simple steps. With owning a separate account, users can easily exchange messages for work and daily life. Did you know WeChat yet? How to register a WeChat account on a phone like? Please refer to the article below.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a chat app that helps users with messaging, social media and mobile payments launched in 2011 by China-based Tencent Holdings Limited.

WeChat is considered a super-functional application widely used by Chinese people. In 2018, WeChat became a powerful independent application globally with more than 1 billion people subscribing to WeChat for monthly use.

Currently, along with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, WeChat is a software used by many people for texting today. According to SameWeb, in 2016, WeChat was the most popular messaging app in China and Bhutan.

A quick guide to WeChat account registration for newbies

If you love instant messaging and want to use a highly secure and popular messaging software, give WeChat a try once to see its advantages.

Here are the steps to sign up for a WeChat account that you should grasp to easily own an account for yourself.

Step 1: To sign up for WeChat, the first step is to download the WeChat app to your phone. Currently, WeChat supports users to download Android and iOS phones. How to download WeChat as follows:

For Android phones, go to CH Play Store and type WeChat into the search field. Click on Settings to download WeChat to your phone.

For iOS phones, go to the App Store and type WeChat into the search field. Click on Settings to download WeChat to your phone.

Step 2: After your phone has installed WeChat successfully, open the WeChat app and click Sign Up.

Step 3: Above there is the Language section, select the language appropriate for your country and select Sign up via Mobile.

Step 4: Please fill in the registration information WeChat according to the request table including: Name (Name); Country (Region); Phone number (Phone); Password then tick the box "Agree to the terms of the application".

Step 5: Click Sign Up and then allow access to Go It.

Step 6: Please check the privacy policy and then tick the green tick on it and then click on the word Next.

Step 7: You click on the word Start to start confirming.

Step 8: You proceed to confirm the Captcha code by dragging the 3-stripe bar on the screen into the right place.

Step 9: You check the safety and below there is a QR code for you to scan. Note, when using WeChat for more than 6 months, you will scan this QR code. You ask your friend to use WeChat to scan this code. When the scan is completed, they click OK, the system will confirm a successful confirmation and at this time WeChat will send a confirmation code to the phone number that you registered for the application. At this point, enter the 4-digit code and click OK to complete the WeChat account registration.

Above is how to sign up for WeChat that you should grasp if you want to own your own account right away. Too easy, right? With a WeChat account, you can chat anytime, anywhere, completely convenient and free. Wish you success with the first steps.

by Mysterio