For all of you fans of the superp world of Omniverse, make your way through this adventure that includes several obstacles, and Fight against aliens. Explore this endless galaxy and fight against various enemies.
Transform by collecting power, beat monsters to get more coins on your way! Finish one Level to unlock the next. The further you go, the higher the level you reach!
Take control of Ben and unleash his alien powers to get rid of the evil and make the city a good place to enjoy.

Ben 10 ,Ultimate Echo, Humugousaur, Xendrome Big Chill, Cannonbolt, NRG, Vilgax, Cannonbolt Monster and Echo are just a few of the characters that will let you manage the fun game Ben hero.

Game Features:

• Over 100 Levels

• Beautiful Graphics

• Appealing sounds

• Hidden items that makes it a surprise to find and collect

• A wide variety of worlds to choose from

• The classic paltformer concept

• Wide variety of enemies

Ben is experiencing the ultimate adventure, Transform yourself into your favourite alien, including Echo. Each of the aliens holds a unique power to assist Ben.
The newest levels are the most funy and exciting ever since: Leverage the power of the Omnitrix to trap, obstacles, puzzles, and beat your enemies.
Defeat your fierce enemy, Humugousaur, in this all new fighting game Ben the hero. Transform yourself into different aliens.