Let's introduce the simple and exciting multiplayer online battle arena game to you -- "Battle Array"!

There is no more usless module for the game, just show your strategy skills!

In this sci-fi world, you must drive your mecha, get your specified mission of the map, fight your enemy, and win the battle.

Feel truly inspired by play with other players!

= Features =

- Easy to play!

- The game won't let you feel unfair even if you never pay for it.

- There is no upgrade in the single battle.

- Eight mechas with totally different shapes and skills in the game.

- There are some other skills you can choose. Every mecha can use them.

- Each battle takes less than five minutes, so don't worry about your precious time.

- You can take reward even if you lose the battle. Win it to get more!

- System will match the opponent automatically.

- Win more battles to get the top of ranking list! Win the medals!

You can find more informations by visit our official site - http://battlearray.com.

If you have any problem or suggestion, please email us to [email protected]!