"Professions of Barby" is a game with which you will discover all the professions of your favorite doll, the Barby.
Barby is undoubtedly the most famous doll in the world and in its more than 50 years of existence has captivated the hearts of girls from all countries carrying out all kinds of professions.
Barby was one of the first dolls that came out on the market with the characteristic of an adult woman and not with childish characteristics, as most dolls were up to now. Its creator realized that her children were more entertained playing with adult dolls than with children's dolls, so she decided to create a doll for them that she named her daughter. Shortly after I created a boyfriend for Barby, to whom he gave the name of his son. With the creation of Barby, he created a whole toy factory dedicated among other things to manufacture and distribute clothing and accessories for his star doll.

This game is a game of words hanged style with which the youngest can learn to write the names of the best known professions with the help of their favorite doll. Each screen shows a Barby dressed appropriately to perform a certain profession. This profession is the hidden word that must be found in the hangman. To do this you must select the letters of the word. Each time a letter is selected, if it is in the hidden word it will be placed in the correct position, as many times as necessary and 10 points will accumulate. If the letter is not included in the word, we will lose a life. The game initially has 2 lives.
If we do not know what profession Barby is showing us, we can request a track by using the track button, as long as we have the 30 points necessary to do so. And if we do not have the necessary points, we can request the collaboration of any of our contacts via WhatApp. Through this option we will send a message to the desired contact with the photo that the game is showing us at that moment and a message to request their help in the identification of the profession.

This method allows kids who are still learning to write, to compose short words. It is therefore a pedagogical and fun way to support the learning of writing that they are carrying out in school.
Sometimes children may need the help of an adult to create these words and in this sense it is a very fun way to help them with learning to write, sharing the game and having fun.
If your daughter is a fan of Barby, you can not miss this game to share and learn the lyrics.