Banana miniono surf ball z Run, play now on the amazing world of this banana minion ball z, rush with your favorite miniono super saiyan mode on Banana subway dash 3D and start despicable me collecting the bananas and tokens and fruits through an amazing adventure and action game using your very favorite super minion !
So start playing Banana subway rush 3D on this fantastic world of minion ball z and collect as many bananas with your minion in this amazing banana subway dash. No need to wait and pause in despicable me, just get a long the board or the trail and start to rush with minion.
Banana ball z 3D is a mix game that is going to impress all despicable me 2 fans and every other true fan of the cute minionos. You have to surf dash and run with a skate or a hoverboard and a cool blond hair of a super saiyan.
Available for every fans of miniono rush, banana minion rush fast to play minion, in a dream world of the favorite ball z as you have never seen.