"Balls Lines Holes: Slide Puzzle" - an entertaining, original puzzle with a large number of tasks.
The goal of this puzzle game - the minimum number of steps to move the colored balls along the lines so that each colored ball is located in the hole of the same color.
This is a logic game that requires attention, concentration, memory. In the game, it is important to be able to find short solutions. The puzzle contains elements of combinatorics because it has a large number of options permutations of colored balls.

The game field represents a line, the balls, and the holes. The holes are connected by lines. The screen shows the number-the minimum number of steps required to move the balls along the lines. Exercise is considered to be solved if the minimum movement of each colored ball along the line will be in the hole of the corresponding color. After that, you will see a button to go to the next exercise. If during the game the number of steps exceeds the minimum, start the exercise again. If there are difficulties in performing exercises, you can use the tips. At the beginning of the game, you will have 3 tips.
The game begins with light exercises. Gradually, the exercises will become a difficult-the number of balls and lines increases. The lines connecting the holes can be with arrows, which indicate the movement of the balls only in the direction indicated by the arrow.
The game "Balls Lines Holes: Slide Puzzle" contains the table of results "Top 20" of the best players in the world who passed more levels in the minimum number of days.

• 200 levels of different difficulty;
• Nice design, easy graphics, and free control;
• No age limit;
• Availability of hints;
• "Top 20";
• Multi-language support.