Baccarat is a simple yet exciting casino game as you have to make your bets and wait for your luck to happen.

The idea of the game is very simple which makes it easy for everyone to master it soon.

For a game of baccarat there are only three possible outcomes:

The hand which has a total of 9 or its closest wins the game. If cards dealt are greater than nine, the two cards are added and only the unit digit of the sum is considered. Tens and face cards are worth ‘zero’ points and the rest of the cards are worth their face value. Ace is worth one point.

The player has the opportunity to bet on either two hands or on tie. It is not mandatory to bet on all three, you can also go for any one option. For an example, if you wish to bet for only the player hand, you can do so. The game is all about prediction, so make your bets and wait for the outcome. If your hand wins, you earn or else you lose your bet amount.

For a better gaming experience, we have programmed for HONEST shuffling?

A detailed Tutorial is provided in the game which will explain to you the returns earned by betting on each hand. There is an in-app purchase store provided for maximising your gaming engagement.

We have customized the Baccarat game understanding the emotions and expectations of a Player who enters the Casino with full of excitement. The game has a very simple User interface which initiates the game without much delay. The game offers following highlight features :
❄Daily Bonus
❄1st Purchaser offers
❄Rich Graphics & Animations
❄Player Angle view
❄Game History
❄Accurate Casino SFX

All the necessary features are added in the game for a true baccarat lover to enjoy the game. If you are a beginner to this game, then our game serves you the perfect platform to learn how this exciting game works.

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