This kids game is gardening allergy and hospital care in one. Baby Lisi is caring girl and she does the same with her garden ! She cuts the grass and digs the ground so she can add pots and place the seeds. Now she only needs to plant them and she will have beautiful gardening flowers. But the wind blows up and her allergy ruins her day. You need to help her, take her to the doctor so she can get hospital care and recover from the allergy. Give her all pills, drinks, and sprays to fill better.

* Lovable Baby Lisi Kids Character
* Real live situations. Gardening, Allergy Care, Hospital Care !
* 2 levels with 1 character
* Free & easy to play for kids and grown ups
* Enchanting animations and music!
* Eye-catching graphics and colorful game play
* Very easy to play for all ages

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