Tap n Pop Balloon Kids Game is for everyone who likes balloons. But popping them is even more funny when there is toys inside the balloons.Tap Pop Balloon Kids is a simple balloon popping game that offers you a lot of excitement.

Many colorful balloons to pop up in this game and also there are plenty of hidden toys inside balloons to improve your score and give you a lot of different “power-up” balloons to make the game even more interesting. Balloon contains a toy that gives you extra points when you tap on it and score will increase in a moment.

Pop Balloon Kids is a simple and attractive game suitable for preschool kids and babies from 1 2 3 4 up to 5 years and more. Fun to play - Pop Tap Game is easy and relax game and kids will test their tapping skills.

🚼 easy to play
🚼 funny sounds
🚼 Lovable colors and decorations
🚼 beautiful HD graphics
🚼 colorful balloons
🚼 plenty of toys
🚼 lots of stunning effects
🚼 special “power-up” balloons
🚼 Real live situations
🚼 Level with a high score
🚼 Score by Popped balloons and tapped toys
🚼 Free & easy to play, challenging to master!
🚼 Enchanting animations and music!
🚼 Eye-catching graphics and colorful gameplay
🚼 No annoying pop-up ads

Your goal is simple: pop as many balloons as you can and try to make biggest score and make as many points as you can.

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