Hello, we are happy that you have chosen today to be here with us. We are sure that we will become friends and every day you will choose to play with us through this game to care for children. Today you'll be able to practice many skills and have fun through this game for girls. Do you want to help a sick child? Do you want to be a doctor for a few minutes? If you want to test your skills that only a doctor can have this game is what you need. You should consult this child and then prescribe appropriate treatment.
We trust you will do everything you need for everything to come out as planned.
Pay attention to details.
Follow all instructions of this game for kids!
Good luck!

- At the beginning of the game you will have to consult Stephanie, this is going to give birth;
- Stephanie is very worried because she does not know how she can help the child;
- She needs the help of a physician;
- Change the diaper;
- Check if her child has fever;
- Check weight and height;
- Wrap the baby with a warm blanket;
- Put a compress on the head to relieve pain;
- Make an injection that will remove cold;
- Put a plaster on the wound;
- Give him milk;
- Offer his favorite toy;
- Choose the most beautiful clothes;
- The child feels well, you're a good doctor.

Thank you for help, please come back daily to help us through this game for girls.

Have fun!