In this caring and healing game you have to show us your doctor skills.
We have a very special case of flu that needs to be treated and healed.
This sweet baby girl spend the day swimming in the lake near her house.
Time flu very fast and she did not realized when the weather got very cold and windy.
You have to take the baby girl home and take good care of her because she got a severe flu.
Start by taking her temperature. Use the thermometer and check the evolution of her fever. Next, check her heart using the stethoscope and see if her hear beat is normal.
You also have to use the blood pressure device to see if the girl is nervous.
Make sure you calm her down in order to get well as soon as possible.
Now you have to use the syringe and give her a special medicine that will make the fever go away. Nasal spray and coughing syrup will help the little girl breathe better.
Keep in mind to give her 2 spoons o syrup and wipe her mouth using the napkins.
It is very important to use all the instruments and medicine in the right order because the baby s health depends on how well you care her.
Looks like you are doing a great job and the baby girl is starting to get healthy. The flu treatment you used seems to be working very well and the girl is very happy. She will be running and playing in the back yard very soon thanks to your magical medicine.
You have proved once again that you are the best doctor and the care and attention you give your patients is extraordinary.
Care and healing skills are your best assets. Keep doing what you do and heal more sick kids that need your help and attention.