It’s never too early to help your child learn the ABCs. With Baby ABCs your child can learn not only the alphabet but also their phonetic sounds, all while keeping your child engaged and active. Baby ABCs allows your child to learn what each letter of the alphabet looks like upper case and lower case, it will tell them the name of each letter and also the phonetic sound of each letter. All while playing catchy music to keep your child engaged.

• Upper and lower case letters
• Letter and Phonetic sounds
• Kid friendly interface
• No rules or stress, just fun
• Infinite game play

Baby ABCs is suitable for children 3 years or older.

-This product is intended for screens of 7 inches or less, if your device does meet that criteria please refer to our HD version, which is also free!

Chaotic Concoctions designs its applications to present education to toddlers and children in a fun learning way.


Chaotic Concoctions is a home designed studio from Stafford, Virginia that makes digital toys for kids. We think that education should be free to the whole world. Our mission is to educate our future so that they can strive and succeed in a complex world. However, we know that learning can't always be serious so we are determined to make learning fun from math problems to foreign languages. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.