The difficulty of being a parent or a teacher is not teaching a child how to read and write, but ensuring that a moment of curiosity and effort turns into fun and love for reading.

The teaching method used in the game we propose to learn how to read and write is inspired by the phonic-syllabic method: each word is built by the child dragging some funny and crazy animated letters!

- more than 50 words;
- engaging and fun animations
- recognition and memorization of the alphabet
- organization and management of the space on the sheet/tablet, for the alignment of letters, to learn and memorize details of language phonemes (eg. the "gn", "gl", "cu", "qu", "sc" sounds), for correct spelling.

The game can be used:
- as a game for children aged four-eight, either with an adult or on their own;
- as a teaching aid in preschool and early primary school age;
- as a rehabilitation tool for children with specific disorders in reading or writing or in case of learning difficulties

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