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Babies always have very cute gestures. Sure, now we bring them in the form of animated stickers for you to enjoy on WhatsApp !! Their funniest faces and their cutest gestures with movement in the form of WAstickerApps for WhatsApp! The most beautiful babies you can imagine.

The new Animated stickers (With movement) for WhatsApp have arrived! A large collection of WAstickerApps GIFs in the form
of transparent Stickers that move! Update your whatsapp and try them!

Animated stickers have arrived. These are WAstickerApps with movement, which are called "Stickers Gifs for whatsapp". Basically they are Stickers moving with some kind of animation.
Some often call them Transparent Gifs for WAstickerApps. Others prefer to call them "Stickers that gesticulate animations in constant movement".