African Animal Puzzles Games

Is your child a fan of wild animals ? Surely this puzzle of African animals will be your favorite game as you will find aquatic animals, large animals and fantastic animals of Africa.

Dare to download the most colorful and entertaining jungle animals puzzle game in which you will increase your dexterity. There are a lot of amazing animals such as the hoopoe, hyena, oryx, buffalo, eagle, leopard, ostrich.
The game mode is so easy that you will understand it just by pressing the screen several times.

African animal puzzle features

• The game has 60 puzzles of African animals such as the chameleon, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, lions, lemur, zebra.
• Giant puzzles of animals that kill and with different levels. From, 35, 45,77 and up to 91 pieces.
• The difficulty increases more and more as levels are being passed.
• 5 levels of difficulty.
• Mode of rotation of the pieces to make fit in the base board.
• It is easy to play and children from 3 years old can enjoy it without problems.
• Puzzle games of wild animals improve cognitive ability, memory and brain agility.
• Time trial mode for the most experienced.
• You can now save your game automatically.
• In normal mode you can win stars, while in time trial mode you win cups.

Advantages of the puzzle game

For a 3 year old it can be hard to remember many things. However, when we support their learning through games, they learn much more easily. When it comes to puzzle games they not only develop their brain capacity, but they are also able to learn the basic logic they need to grow as a whole genie.

Download animal puzzle games that kill like African animals is one of the best education you can give your child. However, the game is specially programmed to be played by adults and people of any age. There are levels of difficulty that are quite challenging. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the best game on Google Play for your Android.