Animal Care is a fun game where you have to look for a certain time, animals that are found all over the world who need special care. With your help and that of a protector that will give a special shelter, you must go to caring for them and releasing them as they are improving.

Be careful! when you take an animal in danger of extinction. If released, you'll earn a lot of gold, go up quickly level and be very well seen by the caring community Animal Care, otherwise, if you do not succeed, you lose more gold than imagined and not be well seen in the caring community Animal Care .

To buy food, medicine kits and everything you need to take care, you need gold coins and not have to let it die during the recovery phase. If you run out of gold coins, there is a fun minigame in which you can play music for your animals with special effects and animal sounds to win gold.

The free version of Animal Care is limited to the choice of up to 7 characters, Medal sections and Market are enabled right now.

Includes: Animals from around the world divided by category.

- Pets
- Farm
- Ocean
- Mountain
- Forest
- Desert
- Jungle
- Special Animals to unlock.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 or higher. The use of devices with screens 3.5 inches or higher is recommended. (Compatible with Cellphones, phablets and Tablets). Animal Care requires Adobe AIR to run. If you don't have installed does not matter. Animal Care will show you how to do it in simple steps.

Animal Care Premium:

1 # Up to 69 characters (58 for election right now, and the rest once reached level 90).

2 # Two sections enabled (Medal and Market), the first to view your achievements as you level up and the second to buy virtually with gold coins everything you need to care for your animal while in its recovery phase.

Any suggestions or problems related to Animal Care?, can be contacted at!contacto/c3vn