I ask over 50 curious queries, I have scrambled letters, I'll frustrate the heck out of you, but you'll always comeback for more, I'm always fun - definitely no bore! You got it! I'm Riddles, and I'm here to make riddles an interactive gaming experience that will quickly exceed your expectations of word games! Play solo or with a few buddies, I'm the kind of game that gets more fun, the more brains you add to the puzzles. Help is available along the way, should you get stuck - or lazy! Just choose to remove letters or reveal correct letters to guide you toward the witty, rewarding answer!
Enigma For All is a simple game where you are given a clue to help you find the solution. The levels start out easy and progressively get harder. If you have trouble finding the answers, we’ve provided the solutions to levels 1-50 below.

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