Alien Escape is the new sensational One Tap arcade Game. Simply tap the screen aligning your Cute Alien character to the planets. Making your way from planet to planet while trying to escape the gravitational pull of the deadly black hole.

Move light years in time racking up your high score and show off on the Alien Escape's online Leaderboards. Watch out for deadly asteroids and knock those pesky animals and humans off the planets for bonus points and just because it's fun to and "Alien Escape" is all about fun.

There is endless amount of excitement and objectives in Alien Escape to keep you wanting more. Unlock new Cute Alien characters, each with their own special abilities. Complete all the Objectives to receive Bonus coins so you can purchase awesome power-ups to help your Alien character escape the Black Hole!

Can you Escape clutches of the black hole and the endlessness of space?

◉ Simple One Tap Controls.
◉ Smooth HD Game Play.
◉ Fun for all Ages.
◉ High Score Saving! ♛
◉ In Game Store.
◉ Endless Gameplay.
◉ Objectives and much more!

How To:
- Simply Tap or Hold down and Release to Shoot your Alien character to the other Planets.
- Unlock all the animals such as the Cow, Cat, Sheep, and Pig to unlock the Animal objectives and get BONUS Coins!
- Use the store to purchase Power ups to help you climb the leaderboards!

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated to make your gaming experience a better one and improve Alien Escape.

Main Music: "Space Voyage Critical" by DigohD:
Menu Music: "Menu Song" by Andersson187:
Sound Effects: