”AIR de MMA 4 Android”is Android application that I transplant from Mixed Martial Arts Game made by Adobe AIR before.

This single action game is made to simulate MMA experiences.
KO by Striking or Tapout by Submission make games finish.

And this game has "ground" situation. If you take the top position, you can attack enemy one-sidedly.
And if you are taken down to the bottom position, you can watch for submission.

When you concentrate on striking attack, you lose by Tapout with submission in an instant.
Your choice which situation stand or ground has more advantage is necessary strategy point.

This game is for playing seriously rather than for playing relaxedly.

"AdobeAIR" is necessary for this game to start up.
Please search a word "AdobeAIR" in Android Market, and instal it in your device.

Sorry,I can't have duty to take responsibility when your excessive operate action gives your device troubles.
For example, be careful to pushing repeatly and shaking device.