AiO (All-in-One) is a free online game including much famous boardgames all over the world :

- Monopoly
- Color Card (we had removed uno button in this game + more feature, new rule for result)
- King chess
- Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) + Chinese Chess Dark (Xiangqi Dark)
- Go Chess
- Checker Chess
- Gomoku
- Othello (Reversi)

AiO is boardgame online : simple, easy, cute and very funny.
You can spend on 5-10 minute per day for this game to develop your brain (with chess game).
You can play online with your friend (for fun). Ex : monopoly, color card,...

How to play : you need gold to play this game and internet (online game)
1/ Earn gold : watch the advertising or invite your friend to play (by facebook) or purchase money
2/ Play with your friends : join same room and table
3/ Play world : play with people all over the world

***The gold in this game is used to measure your brain. Gold is not used for gambling or transfer purposes

We had been striving to create a strong system for players all over the world. Please contact us when any problem :
Fanpage :
Website : (
Email : [email protected]