Game for Boys and Girls Adrien Miraculous Cat Noir Dress Up Adrien Agreste is the son of wealthy fashion designer, Gabriel Agreste. Within a huge mansion, across from the Eiffel tower, Adrien has everything he could want... Everything, exept and ordinary lifestyle! Since a young age , He's free time has been spent modeling for his father's clothing lines, under pressure to always present the perfect image. As transformed superhero Cat Noir, however, he can let his wilder side out! Under Cat Noir's mask lies a strong and confident , who has the freedom to be everything he wants to be! With the power of Cataclysm Cat Noir has the ability to charge up an bring chaotic defeat to any villain in his path. Adrien Agreste dress up . and Marinette is the sweetest girl in Paris.
He is generous, kind and always eager to help solve others problems. With dreams of being a great fashion designer, Adrien spends endless hour working towards her goal. Sometimes she fails to look before leaping, which can spell on of 2 things - mini disaters or exciting adventures. Marinette has a major crush on school friend, which often ends up being a major distraction. Secretly, She is the superheroine, Ladybug, responsible for kepping her beautiful city and all within it safe. Play game for girls Ladybug Miraculous Adrien and Marinette Dress Up