Accurate Slapshot is a physics-based hockey game. Adjust the position of your hockey stick and hit the puck so that it goes into the goal. You'll need to bounce the puck off of objects to get it around obstacles. To make your task simpler, the trajectory of the puck is shown before you take a shot. Receive a star bonus for scoring a goal quickly and a medal bonus for taking as few shots as possible.

Shoot and rebound the hockey puck into each level's goal in this new collection of Accurate Slapshot levels.

Determine the power and angle of your slapshot as you try to score a goal in all levels of this hockey puzzler. Use the environment to your advantage!

The first few levels will be easy but you will eventually need to go through a lot of obstacles.

Use the blue dashed lines to help you and click when you think you have the right angle of fire. If the puck enters the goal, it's won! You will then have the right to move to the next level. If you fail, however, you will have to start over. Good l