Our hero is here again for another new adventure. Join him as he finds his way our from zombie infested place. Use object that you can absorb and shoot for your advantage. You can even absorb zombies and make your own zombie cannon for fun!
A scientific experiment went wrong and propelled you into a parallel universe infested with zombies. Fortunately, you're equipped with a canon that has the exceptional property to absorb everything it touches! Use the power of your weapon to fight your way in this hostile world and get back to your dimension.
In the platform game Absorbed 2, our hero wearing a red suit has in his possession a futuristic gun that has a very special ability. It can absorb any object and then project it at high speed in the desired direction. Use this insane power to move objects, to create passages to cross levels and also to kill the many dangerous zombies. To survive, you will also need to avoid the many pitfalls, spikes and other gears that will kill you at the slightest misstep.
The adventure continues! Our brave hero is back in zombie infested places to clean them from these infected creatures! Move forward, absorb items or zombies, and shoot them to destroy! Survive and complete all the levels for a world free of zombies! Have fun!