Abo Khushmis the name of the diversion in which the player assumes the part of parody, and his story rotates around the individual who awakens amidst an obscure leave in the event of aggregate loss of memory. Where he tries to comprehend the end result for him by social event however much data as could be expected about what is occurring around him. The player is in organization with Shakman Dabbagh's accomplice, who to find an incredible plot of connivances and a concealed system of insider facts and questions. In this troublesome method to find this plot,
The player buys, manages and uses the property. As part of his multiple hobbies, the player also designs his possessions and makes appropriate decorations. Over time, he gained more influence and influence, and strengthens his relationship with comrade Dirk Shekman (DAP), and thus begins more serious explorations, including taking fortified towers. During all stages of the game, Abu Khashim has an exciting ability to design his way of surviving with his opponents and enemies.

Help abo khashm to overcome the obstacles and overcome the dreadful desert and reach the end safely flag, try to collect as many golden elements on the path as you can and try to perform some wonderful moves. But be careful when jumping! abo khashm must reach the end of the race safely and without injury to move to the next level.
Adventures of abo khashm - free game for informal Android
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