After learning letters and numbers, you can now write your first words.
Learn How To Write Words is an educational game that helps your kids to get the fine dexterity they need to write and progressively improve the writing movement.
This game is crucial for the preparation to writing tasks.
The method used in the game to teach the words to the child (even if he cannot read yet) is to trace several times with their finger each letter already drawn on the phone screen.

The words of the categories "Preschoolers" and "Schoolers - animals fruits and vegetables" are associated with funny drawings. In ABC Learning words toddlers you can have fun with your kid and find many other exercises to help him or her to memorize words and letters!

Learn How To Write Words is the game very important for your toddlers preschool!!
The game is suitable for children from 4 to 8 years, perfect for preschoolers kids.
This full educational game is free, for this reason contains ads.
Thank you.

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