ABC - abc Animal Facts For Kids can use their finger to paint on touch screen with sound. It also helps kids to learn, pronounce letters of the 26 alphabets and numbers in a kids-friendly way.

Kids will never get bored when they reach Z. The alphabet sound,music,animation and great pictures will encourage kids to learn ABC easily in a fun way.

Features in the app
* Teaches Upper Case and Lower Case letters

* Pictures and words with sound for each alphabet

* Animations in each screen

* Colorful and attractive backgrounds

* Fun activities such as

* pbs kids

* Find Letters

This Application Learn ABC Alphabet for Kids

Toddlers Animal Book is an application that allows your children to recognize animals, their names and how they look like a real picture of life. It has many beautiful illustrations of animals, clear pronunciations and each of the animals start from the respective alphabets ABC. This is a very colorful and easy to use application with clear sound.
With your fingertips, you can switch between animals.