A+ Graad 3 / Grade 3 is a bilingual (Afrikaans and English) app, which contains hundreds of exciting exercises in 5 key skills development sections. These proven skills are essential to equip your child with the fundamental knowledge that is necessary for the primary educational phase. The skills developed include addition, subtraction, multiplication (times tables), mental division, reading, spelling, logical reasoning, memory recall, concentration and basic technology skills.

NB: App is not FREE. App can be purchased per activity @ R15.00 or the complete app (all 6 activities for R69.00). We can ONLY classify this app as FREE because Google does not allow Merchants from South Africa to use their payment system. Lots of users complain that we have false advertising and rate the app only 1 star as a result thereof. This is not within our control.

All the activities are presented in fun and engaging game play. The games are made to be understood by kids and is designed to be played without adult assistance. The result is that you not only develop the child’s intellect and fundamental skills, but also a sense of self-confidence.

The graphical interface is designed around a Circus Adventure theme. Each object on the stage represents a different skill or activity.