Let's devise a little plan, let's leave the rest to the time!
Just leave it alone for a 24-hour auto battle!
You can easily enjoy it anytime!
Now, to the adventure continent of Morogami! !!

◆ Melora: Game features ◆

▼ Super easy play operation
You can feel free to play like you have never seen before
You can complete all the games with one finger
You can have a new battle experience different from before
You can play without worrying about time and place

▼ 24-hour fully automatic battle
Choose a character and develop a strategy
Battle starts fully automatically for 24 hours
Characters get stronger without focusing on the game, even offline
Makes you forget your daily fatigue

▼ Providing abundant strategies with infinite possibilities
Many tactical elements are included in the game
Even if you're unlucky, it depends on your brain
Can derive sufficient tactics

▼ Full of training elements!
Raise gods with different personalities for the players

In addition to leveling up, you can synthesize and change the equipment of the god class
You can make your character stronger

You can buy skins for your favorite characters
Make your character look beautiful
Can be trained to become a stronger character

▼ You can enjoy the voice brought by the gorgeous voice actors
Lots of characters with different personalities, and more famous voice actors,
Tomokazu Sugita, Suzuko Mimori, Chiaki Takahashi, Marina Inoue and many other famous voice actors
The voice of the character
Play the game and find the voice of your favorite voice actor!

▼ Contains many delicate pictures
Team up with a Japanese painter to create a delicate painting
Express the characters in the game more actively
There are 5 different race characters and you should find your number one

▼ Equipped with chat function
If you have time left, try talking to a friend you just knew
Maybe the friendship will deepen ~

■ Recommended for people like this!
・ Those who want to play without stress
・ Those who want to become stronger every day
・ Those who want to play in their spare time
・ Those who want to play with one hand
・ Those who want to change the battlefield with their own strategy
・ Those who want to collect and train characters
* You can enjoy it for free.
Feel free to download it.
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App body: Free
* Some paid items are available

【Operating environment】
Android: 4.3 or later
* Operation from other than the above environment is not guaranteed.
* For the latest OS, it may take some time to support.

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