Here's a fun game that teaches children to write and read numbers from 1 to 10, and the first math operations of addition and subtraction. The game introduces the first arithmetic concepts through friendly dinosaurs and useful crosswords.

The preschool activities for toddlers include:

- first numbers (1-10);
- counting numbers;
- arithmetic operations (basic maths: addiction and subtraction);
...and much more.

This pre-school teaching activity anticipates and facilitates the path that children will have to do at school, then serving as a first educational tool for your child.

Funny dinosaurs of the pre-calcolous teaching cards rejoice games and help your child to learn and love mathematics.

The game can be used:
- as a game for children aged four-eight, either with an adult or on their own;
- as a teaching aid in preschool and early primary school age;
- as a rehabilitation tool for children with specific disorders in calculation, reading or writing or in case of learning difficulties

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