★★1+1 Learning math toddlers★★ is a collection of educational math games for kids!

The application includes many activities and flashcards that will help your toddler learn in complete safety with helpful drawings of cute animals.
The preschool activities for toddlers include:
- first numbers (1-10);
- counting numbers;
- arithmetic operations (basic maths: addiction and subtraction);
- number comparisons (max numbers);
- number sequences
...and much more.

From any preschool activities it is possible to access a further specific area of learning that helps children to become familiar with the writing of numbers. The method used for learning numbers involves your child tracing the numbers shown on the screen with their finger several times.
These teaching activities will help prepare your children for the path that they will follow in school. This app can be a wonderful first educational tool for your kids.
The game can be used:
- as a game for children aged four-eight, either with an adult or on their own;
- as a teaching aid in preschool and early primary school age;
- as a rehabilitation tool for children with specific disorders in calculation, reading or writing or in case of learning difficulties

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